Yesterday! A weary day

A guy was trying to approach two girls siting on reserved seats in DMRC Metro. After 3-4 hesitated failures he asked them to leave their seat to let that Senior Citizen sit.

That uncle, aged 60+, was standing for around 10 minutes and was seeking a seat since he boarded the train, but didn’t ask for it himself. He let those girls be seated. and they were not concerned, or ignoring.

He succeeded. Girls stood up. Uncle sat. and one more uncle sat.

Small action, resulted happiness.

Even in this time, there is goodness. We must spread that, we need to do more things like that. I learnt a lesson, we need guts to do something we want.

Yes! there is still hope for good. Previous generation can depend on us. We will improve day by day.

we learn… i learn.. we share it…

judge him now..and i will later tell you what more happened after that..

– Monday, 11th July

image: representational (source)


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